Sunday, October 24, 2021
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? I wanted to write about musk because musk yellow was mentioned in each occasion in the crowds for the yellow we use for this beauty...... The name musk has been worth a lot.

? Because it has been rooted in our hearts for a long time, when we hear the name Kasturi, it itself draws in our mind as something of great value.
? So sadly I have to say that musk turmeric, kasthuri manjal, Indian turmeric doesn't make any difference than the turmeric we use to cook and both are scientifically curcuma type. That the quality is the same.
? But for our people, it's not what is important in our country. When you become Indian by name and musk by name, you get value for it. Went to every pharmaceutical shop and asked for the best musk yellow one when we have our yellow bush in the garden.
? Some people have used to drink turmeric in the morning milk to be fair and beautiful. Even if the body doesn't have enough to say in turmeric, it can cause indigestion in the stomach and it may cause a situation of stomach bruising. If you take like 1500 mg a day, your heart rate can be dangerously increased. So when we do something we need to know and do it
? Do you know what is in the small dippies that are sold in the name of musk yellow? When you mix the turmeric powder that you eat and what is happening in our country, don't give any value to the yellow powder that no one in that small pot takes responsibility.
? We should not use turmeric powder for beauty, but the ones that were used from the yellow piece itself. And this turmeric is best suited for oily skin. And it's not appropriate to mix it with something and apply it alone.
? But I'm talking about a really rare priceless, very special deer musk and messing with the ordinary yellow. An ordinary yellow piece got an expensive value because of this name.
? these musk are not used for makeup. Can be used but can't. That's because this is extremely rare. The quality of musk turmeric doesn't get that high because of this rare name.
? And my personal opinion is that we as Sri Lankans use turmeric for as many foods as we can, we get those qualities on our own. Real musk comes from an animal as you know.
? Known as the zoological name Moschus Moschiferus, this deer species lives on slopes more than feet above sea level in countries like Central Asia, Tibetan, Nepal, Bhutan, India.
? This is a deaf material released from the male's body during the breeding season of these animals that is deposited in a cell near their navel about an inch and a half. Cells with this substance, which has an extremely rare fragrance, are removed from the pores once their reproductive season is over.
? Because of the unawareness of this in people and the expensive rareness here, musk deer and denuns are being killed for no reason with the intention of getting musk. Musk cells aren't often found in these killer musk deer. This is why this deer species is facing a threat of rapid extinction.
? Instead of killing these animals, if you check the areas they live in during their breeding, you can catch the musk cells they have removed themselves. Then next year also during the breeding season they are making musk. Nowadays China is using a musk buying method instead of killing the deer.
? To get as much as 500 g of musk, at least 20 deer need to train. And even flower men have faith in musk that they have a power to come back to life.
? Musk is mostly used for the Ayurvedic medical method and for the perfume industry. But nowadays natural musk is not used for the perfume industry. Using artificial musk for that. But for Ayurvedic medicine only musk taken from deer is used.
? The rareness here can be a mixed musk if you get some day with a high financial value. Often musk crushes and mixes other cereals for very little. The aroma of natural musk sucks into those grain powder so we can't recognize it.
? but there are techniques to detect unwanted musk. Also, there are musk types that change according to the areas. I avoid mentioning them because they don't need to be mentioned.
? So I wanted to explain to you the value of our yellow. Remember that the name is not musk but the quality is the same.

(Beauty Secrets with Rapunzel)