Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Govt. failed to explain how current challenges will be addressed - UNP Deputy Leader

Budget 2021 comprises some good proposals but at the same time it had failed to explain how the Government is planning to meet the economic challenges that the country is currently facing, UNP Deputy Leader Ruwan Wijewardene said yesterday.

Mr. Wijewardene told a press conference that the Government had failed to reveal the correct situation of the country’s economy and had failed to come up with how it is going to tackle the current challenges.

“We have been made to understand that some enterprises are facing closure next year and jobs are going to be lost. Government is yet to talk of how it is going to handle this issue. Nothing is mentioned about these factors in the budget,” Mr. Wijewardene said.

“It looks like the Government is facing difficulty in distributing the payment of Rs. 5,000 to those in the isolated areas. Only few have managed to collect this payment after being in queues for hours. Government should inform people if it is unable to continue with this programme,” he added.

The UNP Deputy Leader said the budget proposal to extend the retirement age to 60 is welcome. “However it is not clear as to what its intention is, when it comes to extending the eligible age of claiming EPF to 60,” he said.
Also he said increased focus on sectors such as agriculture is commendable.

“Those who think only they are correct and only what they think is correct are not real leaders. Good leaders are those who are sensible enough to make use of the abilities and knowledge of others,” he said.

(Daily Mirror)