Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Miraclon selects Sri Lanka’s ALFT Packaging to showcase business and technology evolution

Miraclon, a global leader in the flexographic printing industry renowned for its cutting-edge plate making and prepress technologies, has chosen ALFT Packaging, Sri Lanka’s sole purpose-built packaging solutions provider, to showcase its business and technological advancements.

Miraclon, with operations across 180 countries and a vast customer base of over 25,000, is a driving force behind the transformation to modern flexography for more than a decade.

Miraclon has designated Sri Lankan company, ALFT as a ‘Lighthouse Project,’ a distinction reserved for only a handful of companies worldwide. The recognition highlights ALFT’s role as a testing ground for Miraclon’s innovative technologies. Leveraging Miraclon’s technology, ALFT Packaging provides clients with high-quality, consistent, and reliable packaging solutions, improved productivity, sustainability benefits, and access to cutting-edge innovations in the flexographic printing industry.

Chosen as a champion of Modern Flexo by Miraclon, ALFT Packaging will be part of the Miraclon booth at the upcoming DRUPA exhibition in May. The DRUPA exhibition is widely regarded as the world’s largest event for the Printing & Packaging industry. ALFT will be among several case studies displayed. The recognition further strengthens ALFT’s position as a trailblazer in the industry and a valued partner for Miraclon.

Highlighting ALFT Packaging’s statute, Miraclon CEO Christopher Payne, along with Director Andy Yarrow and Sales Manager Hrishikesh Kulkarni, visited ALFT recently. The visit also marks a significant achievement for ALFT, as the company has been awarded the prestigious ‘Certified User’ certification for Miraclon’s NX technology for plate making by Christopher Payne himself. The certification demonstrates ALFT’s expertise and proficiency in utilising Miraclon’s advanced solutions.

“ALFT Packaging is truly an exceptional partner, showcasing an end-to-end capability that extends from design to marketing,” said Christopher Payne. “Their steadfast commitment to excellence and ability to seamlessly integrate our innovative solutions distinguish them within the industry”. 

ALFT Packaging Chairman Lakshman De Fonseka added, “We are honoured to be recognised by Miraclon as one of their trusted partners. The achievement and recognition are testament to our commitment to excellence and continuous pursuit of innovation in the Flexographic printing industry.”