Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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Dinesh Gunawardena | No. 13 | Colombo District

Dinesh Gunawardena
No. 13
Colombo District
Honest, uncorrupt, pragmatic, patriotic leadership


Educated at Royal College in Colombo, Nyenrode Business University in Netherlands and University of Oregon in the USA

Possessed with 37 years of experience in the legislature as a Member of Parliament, Chief Government Whip (2008- 2015), Leader of the Joint Opposition (2015-2019) and Leader of the House (2019-2020)

Equipped with state craft and skills in governance having served as Deputy Minister of Education (2004 – 2007), Minister of Transport (2000 – 2001), Minister of Urban Development and Water Supply (2004-2010), Minister of Water Supply and Drainage (2010-2015) and Minister of Minister of Foreign Relations, Skills Development, Employment & Labour Relations (2019 to date)