Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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President writes to China seeking access to Chinese Covid vaccine

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to China Dr. Palitha T. B. Kohona has referred to a letter written by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, seeking access to Chinese vaccines when Dr Kohona met with Director-General of the Department of Protocol Hong Lei at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China today.

This was discussed after Dr. Kohona formally presented a copy of the credentials to the Director-General of the Department of Protocol today.

Dr. Kohona briefed Hong on the Covid-19 and the current economic situation in Sri Lanka and also his priorities during his tenure in China.

Dr. Kohona also expected that China and Sri Lanka would cooperate to the mutual benefit of both countries. In addition, during his tenure, he hoped to encourage more investments, trade and tourism to happen.

Meanwhile, Hong responded that he was aware of the close friendship between both leaders. He further stated that the two countries have supported each other in the past and China could be counted as a friend in the future as well.

He stressed that Chinese companies will be encouraged to engage with Sri Lanka as it continues to open up for trade and investment and the government of China will decide soon on the distribution of the vaccine.

(Daily Mirror)